Combustion & Control Systems,  In Mumbai one of the largest independent Importers/ Exporters and suppliers of gas and oil burner’s  and spare parts, for Ecoflam Burners & Riello,Azur Etc. 

We keep stock and supply at affordable prices for oil and gas Burners, Heating Firnaces, Indian and Imported oil and gas burners, We offer spares needed for oil and gas boilers and burners such as Genuine Thermax boiler burner spare parts, Fuelpac boiler burner spare parts, J.N.Marshall Boiler spare parts, Double ace boiler spares, Energypac boiler spares, Nestler boiler spare parts, Elite thermal spare parts, Saz boiler burner spares, Bentone oil and gas burner spares, Weishaupt oil and gas burner spares, Ecoflame Minor/ Max, Oilflam, Maxflame oil burner spares, Ecoflam Azur, Maxgas, Maior Series burners and spare parts, Riello G5/ G10/ G20 oil burners and spare parts, Riello gas burners FS3/ FS5/ FS10/ FS20 40G burners and spare parts, Cuenod oil and gas burners and spare parts, Elco Clocker oil and gas burner spare parts, NBP burners, Nuway Oil and gas burners and spare parts, Oilon oil and gas burners and spare parts, Saacke Burners and spares, Baltur Italy oil and gas burners and spare parts, CIB Unigas oil and gas burnrs and spare parts, Dunphy oil burners nozzles, Eclipse burnersa and spare parts, Maxon oil and gas burner spares, Sookook oil and gas burners and spare parts, FBR oil and gas burners, Oxilon oil and gas burners and spare parts, Flamco oil and gas burners and spare parts etc.

Oil and gas Boilers, Spare parts for melting Furnaces, Bakery Ovens, Gas fired powder coating ovens, Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Incinerators, Rotary Kilns, oil and gas Thermo packs, Thermic Fluid Heaters.We supply Burner Sequence Controllers, Siemens Burner controllers,  Gas burner Industrial ,Siemens burner photocells, Siemens flame sensor, Siemens burner control box, Siemens Flame detectors for oil and gas burners and boilers, Siemens burner servo motors, Siemens air damper motors, Siemens burner actuators, Siemens burner ignition transformers, Siemens potentioal meters,  Honeywell Flame Detectors, Honeywell Flame Scanners Relays, Honeywell Damper Actuators Honeywell Servo Motor, Honeywell Burner sequence controllers, Honeywell flame switch, Honeywell u.v. cells, and  Spray Nozzles, Brahma/ Honeywell/ Satronic/ Fida/ Cofi/ Herco/ NEC/ Boiler and Burner Ignition Transformers, Suntec/ Danfoss / Safag/ Popular/ Prakash Fig boiler Burner Fuel Pump,Gear oil pumps, Ignition Cables & Lugs, Ecoflam/ Bentone/ Weishaupt/ Oilon/ Baltur/ Thermax/ J.N. Marshall boiler and burners Ignition Electrodes, Ecoflam / Bentone burners Ionisation Probe, Parker/ Brahma/ Electrogas/ Elektrogas/ Lucifer/ Madas oil and gas Solenoid Valves for boiler and burners and gas trains, Dungs/ Krom schroder/ Honeywell/ Shineui air and Pressure Switches for burners and gas trains,Dungs Multiblocks, Dungs Gas Train,Azur Burner,Honeywell Electro Hydraulic Actuators, Guilliani / Dungs Oil & Gas Filters, Boiler Spares, Burner Spares, Oil Burners and Gas Burners. We impoert and distribute all over world Landis & GYR (Siemens), Suntec, Petercem, Stork, Monarch, Honeywell, Satronic, Dungs, FIDA, Brahma, Cofi, Danfoss, Guiliani Anello etc.

COMBUSTION & CONTROL SYSTEMS was established by Mr. Rajesh Puri in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in 1996. Combustion & control systems has a well respected reputation in the heating and Combustion for over 15 years. Combustion & Control Systems, Mumbai one of the largest independent importers/ exporters and suppliers of gas and oil burner’s  and spare parts, for Ecoflam Burners, Bentone, Baltur, Riello, Fbr, Weishaupt, Cuenod, Joannes, Sookook, Oilon, Lamborghini, Olympia, Oilflam, Unigas, Nu-Way, Saacke, Klockner, Nbp, Eclipse, Maxon, Dunphy and Hvac products. The success of the company can be attributed to its efficiency, reliability, technical knowledge and an understanding of the customer’s requirements. 


What We Do

Combustion & control systems, Doing Imported and indian oil and gas burner and spare parts business, We supply Ecoflam oil and gas burners, We import and supply Weishaupt oil and gas burners, Bentone Oil and gas burners, Baltur Oil and gas burners, Oilon oil and gas burners, FBR oil and gas burners, Riello oil and gas burners, Lamborghini oil and gas burners,Ecoflam burners Mumbai We provide oil and gas burner services at affordable prices.

What We Provide

Combustion & control systems, Mumbai, India provide anything and everything for oil and gas Burners, Boilers, Dryers, Kilns, Thermopack, oil nad gas fired Thermic fluid heaters, Oil heaters, Gas heaters, Hot Air Generators, Bakery Ovens, Paint booths, Paint shop, Heat Exchangers, Laundry equipments, Melting Furnaces, etc. We Import/ Export and supply world class reputed brands such as Riello, Ecoflam, Bentone, FBR, Weishaupt, Baltur, Cuenood, Sookook, Oilon, Dunphy, Nu-way, Blowtherm, Olympia, Fida ignitions, Cofi ignitions, Danfoss burner components, Brahma oil and gas controls, Siemens combustion controls, Landis & Gyr, Suntec oil pumps and solenoid valves, Petercem Ecee burner components, Stork Wika combistat, Monarch oil burner nozzles, Fluidics oil burner nozzles, Charles Bergonzo oil nozzles, Delavan oil burner nozzles, Honeywell burner controls, Satronic, Dungs gas burner components, Krom Schroder gas train components, Madas gas line parts, Vanaz gas regulators, Nippon oil burner pumps, Guilliani Annello oil and gas filters and regulators etc.

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Minor 4 burner

 Minor 4 burner

Ecoflam oil burner Minor 4, Ecoflam Diesel burner Minor 4, Ecoflam light oil burner Minor 4

Ecoflam burner oilflam 200

Ecoflam  burner oilflam 200

Ecoflam oil burner OILFLAME 200.1.AB, Ecoflam Diesel burner OILFLAME 200.1.AB

Brahma sequence controller OS1

Brahma sequence controller OS1

Brahma burner components Namibia, Brahma burner components Libya, Brahma burner components Angola, Brahma burner components M...

Siemens Burner Sequence Controller LAL3.25

Siemens Burner Sequence Controller LAL3.25

Siemens sequence controller LAL3.25, Siemens burner programmer LAL 3.25, Siemens control box LAL3.25, Siemens controller LAL3...

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