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Thermax boiler ignition transformer

Thermax boiler burner ignition transformer available in continuous duty.


  • Herco ignition transformer Suitable for 2 hours of continuous Ignition
  • Herco boiler and oil and gas burner ignition systems
  • Herco ignition transformers are Compact and reliable design by Herco
  • Herco Epoxy sealed internally protection
  • Herco Powder coated enclosure
  • Complies with IS – 2026 standards

Herco ignition  transformer IG-S

  • Herco boiler and burner ignition transformer in 1-pole ignition, 1-pole ground
  • Herco ignition transformer are avaiable in Single HV Terminal
  • HV START grounded internally (Also available floating)
  • 230 V AC, 50Hz, single phase version

Herco ignition transformer IG-M

  • Herco 2-pole ignition transformer
  • Two HV terminals in ignition transformer
  • HV MIDPOINT grounded ignition unit
  • 230V AC, 50Hz, single phase heavy duty ignition transformer